Advantages of aluminum alloy forging

                  Aluminum alloy has been widely used in various industrial sectors because of its small specific gravity, specific strength and specific stiffness. Aluminum alloy forging has become a necessary material for mechanical parts of various industrial sectors. All kinds of forgings that can be forged with low carbon steel can be forged by aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy can be forged on forging equipment, such as forging hammer, mechanical press, hydraulic press, top forging machine, reamer and so on. It can be forged, die forging, top forging, roll forging and reaming. In general, aluminum forgings with small size, simple shape and strict deviation can be easily forged on the forging hammer. However, water (liquid) press should be used for forging aluminum forgings with large specifications and severe deformation. For large and complex aluminum forgings with integral structure, it is not necessary to use large die forging hydraulic press. Especially in the past ten years, with the progress of science and technology and the development of the national economy, more and more high requirements have been put forward to the material, which compels the development of large and high strength, high strength and high toughening and complex precision of aluminum alloy forgings, which greatly promotes the development of large and medium-sized hydraulic machines.

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